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VMS Ground Wire Kit RED 10mm

VMS Ground Wire Kits are Designed and developed through extensive research and development and using only the best Available materials in the Industry .

VMS Ground Wire kits are made of 10mm thick gauge 100% Pure Copper with 1586 Strands per cable, 3 layered shielding and High quality Terminals .VMS ground wire kits are the foundation of your car's electrical system. Resistance, in the form of electrical impedance, is the enemy of your car's electrical equipment. VMS High quality ground wire cables will minimize resistance and help make sure that all of the electrical equipment in your car is performing as well as it can.

VMS Ground Wire Kit Benefits :
* Increased Torque
* Increased Horse Power
* Better Gas Mileage
* Improved Throttle Response
* Quicker Engine Starts
* Reduced Audio Noise
* Improved Engine Idle

VMS Ground Wire Kits Features:
* High Quality Copper Insulated Wires
* 10mm 100% Copper Wire for The Highest Conductivity
* Kit Includes Aluminum Billet T6061 Anodized Distribution Block And Battery  Terminal Blocl
* High Quality Pure Silicone Outer Tubing for Superior Heat resistance and flexibility
* Easy Installation

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