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VMS Radiator Cap 1.3 (High Type)

VMS Racing 1.3kg/Cm2 Radiator Cap .

VMS Racing Radiator Caps Are made of High Quality T304 Stainless Steel and are High Pressure radiator Caps. The Open valve pressure of this radiator cap is 1.3kg/Cm2 compared to the Stock Oem found on Most stock vehicles of 1.1kg/Cm2 .

The VMS Racing Radiator Cap increases the pressure inside the Radiator,Thus raising the coolant boiling point and Improving Cooling efficiency and the best of all is made of High quality stainless steel meaning that it will never corrode or rust .

Please note that the emblem for the Radiator Cap doesnt come Pre Installed on the cap , The reason for this is that you need to Install the Radiator Cap first then Stick the emblem so you can Position The Logo in the Correct Direction .


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